Lisbon Festas in June

Lisbon explodes into life next month with an extended music and entertainment programme in various parts of the city.
June is the month of the 'Santos Populares' (Popular Saints), the most notable tribute of which is extended to the Lisbon-born preacher and saviour of lost souls, Santo António (or Saint Anthony), whose life is celebrated each year on the night of 12 June with a lively parade down Lisbon's main thoroughfare, Avenida da Liberdade, starting at 9pm.
Sometimes referred to as the Festas dos Santos Populares (Feasts of the Popular Saints), or the Festas de Lisboa, this annual programme of concerts and street entertainment takes place in honour of two other saints besides Santo António, namely São João (St. John) and São Pedro (St. Peter).
Santo António was born in Lisbon in 1195, spending the last months of his life in Padua, Italy, where he died in 1231.
After joining the Franciscan Order in 1220, he became a learned and passionate preacher, renowned for his devotion to the poor. In 1934 Pope Pius XI declared him a patron saint of Portugal.
Each year to celebrate the life and work of Santo António, a big parade pulsates its way down Avenida da Liberdade and the merrymaking and street parties continue until daybreak in the streets and squares around the Castle of São Jorge, which is prominently situated in the heart of the Alfama district, the place where Santo António himself was born on the spot where the church in his name still stands.