Madeira Heads Cruise Destination List

Funchal on the Atlantic island of Madeira ended 2012 with more cruise ship passengers than any other in the country, the island's port authority said.
The city welcomed 336 ships that generated almost 592,000 passengers last year, more than 10% up on the previous year.
Funchal failed to reach the 600,000 passenger target because the ‘Grand Princess’ was unable to dock in November due to bad weather, along with three other calls that were cancelled in December.
November was, nevertheless, the port’s best month with almost 100,000 passengers on 63 ships.
Set on a glittering bay against a background of soaring green mountains, Funchal is always the highlight of any cruise programme. Passengers can visit the Botanical Gardens on the edge of town and enjoy the famous toboggan ride from Monte to Funchal, an exhilarating experience that takes approximately 20 minutes.