Maisturismo Launches the Portugal Hotel & Travel Guide

Portuguese travel publishing company Maisturismo has heralded the start of 2013 by switching on its new, state-of-the-art website.
Accessible at, the site fuses all the main elements of the company's existing online operation, comprising the Portugal Hotel Guide, the Portugal Meeting Guide and the more recently-launched MaisturismoNews.
“It's a one-stop shop designed to bring the best of Portugal to people's computers,” announced Maisturismo President & CEO, Hayder Al-Khodairi.
Founded in 1986, Maisturismo went on to launch one of the first travel sites in Portugal in the mid-1990s and has been at the forefront of the Portuguese travel publishing industry for over twenty-five years.
The company's impressive new interactive website known as the Portugal Hotel & Travel Guide is further evidence that Al-Khodairi and his team are constantly striving to sharpen Maisturismo's competitive edge whilst developing a solid technological platform for the future.
“Our new fully-integrated site is tailored to the demands of today's Internet user and will help increase Maisturismo's profile in the marketplace. No other travel site in Portugal offers so much information with such a high level of interactivity between all the different sections,” he explained.
On visiting the site it soon becomes apparent that several key factors contribute to the site's effectiveness, most notably the speed at which the information appears on the screen.
“It's important that our site is fast, informative, accurate and user-friendly. People have always appreciated Maisturismo's site for the amount of information available and the speed at which it is accessible. It's a reputation that we want to maintain.”
As a travel publisher, Al-Khodairi is acutely aware that websites need to incorporate a wide range of additional subject matter in order to satisfy the needs of the modern traveller. So besides being able to select the best places to stay, and then having the opportunity to book a room in real time with the click of a mouse, visitors to the Portugal Hotel & Travel Guide can find information about the many golf courses, restaurants and spas in and around the hotel.
“There's much more information available to people visiting the new Maisturismo website. It's an ongoing process and they will soon have everything they need to plan their trip to Portugal, right down to the golf course score-card and the price of the various treatments at the hotel spa. Whatever they need to know, they'll find the information on our website,” he concluded.